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Sep 26, 2014

WaterMark Image with Golang

Go is powerful, Golang's package 'image' can be used to watermarning an image with another image.

Here is the code, I found on StackOverFlow:

package main

import (

func main() {
    imgb, _ := os.Open("input.jpg")
    img, _ := jpeg.Decode(imgb)
    defer imgb.Close()

    wmb, _ := os.Open("watermark.png")
    watermark, _ := png.Decode(wmb)
    defer wmb.Close()

    offset := image.Pt(100, 100)
    b := img.Bounds()
    m := image.NewRGBA(b)
    draw.Draw(m, b, img, image.ZP, draw.Src)
    draw.Draw(m, watermark.Bounds().Add(offset), watermark, image.ZP, draw.Over)

    imgw, _ := os.Create("output.jpg")
    jpeg.Encode(imgw, m, &jpeg.Options{jpeg.DefaultQuality})
    defer imgw.Close()

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